Women's circles

To reconnect with your feminity, to rediscover and experience feminine traditions

To allow women to discover and explore their feminine strength, energy, nature, in an accessible way, I give women's circles in Gouda. These women's circles are more accessible than the Temple. The Temple is a sacred space in which there is a ceremonial work and everything is actually one big ritual and there is as little talk as possible. The Women's Circles are evenings in which we come together as women, talk about women's issues, delve into female traditions such as oracle, talk about ancestors and the altar, about your connection with nature and how to deepen it, about female energy and the phases. of femininity, about the goddess (es), sexuality, menstruation, the Moon and much more. Even if you don't really like spirituality, these evenings are still suitable for being yourself.

The evenings are held in the Fifth House in Gouda. This is at the livingstonelaan 54 in Gouda and you can park on site. The entrance is standard 20 euros and there is also a possible donation in the form of Pay as You Feel (in which you decide what the evening was worth to you and what you can miss). On the right you will find the dates for 2019. Do not forget to always register via so that I know who I can count on.


Dates Women's Circles 2020 :

- January 21 "Light"
- February 25 "in the Belly"
- March 10 "The White Lady"
- April 7 "Inner child"
- May 5 "Fertility"
- Wednesday June 10 "the Red Mother"
- July 7 "Enjoy"
- August 11 "Corn Goddess"
- September 15 "Gratitude"
- October 20 "Ancestors"
- November 17 "the Wild Woman"
- December 22 "Midwinter and the dark Mother"

Always from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM in het Vijfde Huis
(Livingstonelaan 54, Gouda)