Women's coaching


Sometimes it is nice that someone walks with you for a while,
to work more intensively with your female
energy, your feminine power. It is sometimes more pleasant than in one
group, calmer, there is more personal attention, more in line with
your specific wishes and needs and you may feel safer
one on one.


When is women's coaching for you?

If you:

- want to pay more attention to your personal development

- want to reconnect with your feminine energy

- want to make a deeper connection with nature (earth, moon, plants, animals, seasons, weather, etc.)

- want to act more from your female strength and develop personal leadership

- feels that your male and female energy is out of balance

- want to reconnect with your uterus and / or your menstrual cycle

- want to learn more about the European Mother Goddess, how to make contact with Her and how to serve Her

- do not know what your spiritual path is and you want to discover whether the feminine can play a role in this

- are insecure, anxious and suffer from low self-esteem, so you doubt everything or often bring yourself down

- always enters into negative social or intimate relationships

- want to heal old female wounds such as the mother wound or men's wound

- feminine qualities such as rest, relaxation, soft power, feelings, intuition, inner knowing, connecting, creating, listening, dreams, symbols, spirituality and the inner world, grounding, silence, flows, emotions, being in the here and now, slowness , essence and intimacy and openness want to give a bigger place in your life

- you are always there for others, but little is due to yourself

- you want to engage in traditional spiritual women's activities and expand this but you don't know how (such as oracles, herbs, magic, stories, symbols, healing methods, etc.)

- you have a difficult relationship with your body, your femininity, your body and your sensuality

- have the feeling that you are standing still instead of flowing


In short;

if you want to discover what your wild nature is, the wild, wise woman in you who acts from her pelvis, from her inner, deep knowledge, is in her feminine strength, in connection with other women and with nature ...

If you want to find out where your soul has run, if you feel like you are empty, abandoned - that you used to be so happy as a child and creative and open and curious, and now you don't know how to get there come ....

It is for you if you want to sink deeply into the feminine energy with someone, want to experience what it is like to feel again that you yourself are so powerful, creative, radiant and that you can and can be yourself above all ....

Someone who can relax, who has no judgment about you, who supports you and helps you discover where your bottlenecks lie in order to get back to your inner wise woman, your soul, your inner teacher ....

It's for you if you have felt the call of the wilderness, if you stare out of the train when you drive through a forest and feel something bubbling deep inside, something that wants to be there in that forest, growl and feel throw to the ground, close to the earth ...

It is for you if you are attracted to the priestesses of yesteryear, to the feminine branch of spirituality, to seidr, to shamanism, to witchcraft, to magic, to oracles, to the Goddess in all her aspects ... .

It's for you if you are at a point where you feel you are walking into a wall knowing it is a door but you don't know where to look for the key ....

If you feel insecure about who you are, or about your body, you don't feel feminine or you don't feel attractive ....

It is for you if you know that you run past yourself and you do not dare to look in the dark of your being, but know that you have to go further, to experience, to feel, to feel your sea, your rivers to experience in your soul ...

It is for you if you want to flow like the Source again, if you want to feel, if you want to feel and master that enormous power in your vulnerable position ...

But it is especially for you, because you are worth putting all the time and energy into yourself and not into someone else, it is for you because you deserve to rediscover and embrace your wild nature, and to flourish, because this is necessary for all women (and men!). To finally dare to be who you are and stand in the world and be seen. To be a woman without hiding, to stand there, without being arrogant or cold, to say "yes, this is me and I'm okay" ... To find peace, to be inspired art and to experience unity with nature ... If you now put your hands on your stomach, close your eyes and feel ... does it say yes? Please contact me and we will start the journey as soon as possible ...


YES! but ... how does it work?

1. First you contact me and we agree on a date for an intake interview. Prior to that intake interview, you will be sent an intake form with a few orientation questions that you fill in for the interview. That way I can prepare myself a bit.

2. During the intake interview we try to get your question or need as clear as possible and we draw up a few practical goals. These goals can change during the process, so it all remains smooth and nothing is immediately fixed, you decide!

3. After the intake interview, we will have contact about the form of the coaching process. I will make you a proposal about this in the intake. This means that we determine how many sessions the project will involve (and what the final price will be), what form the project will take and which method (s) appeal to you the most and what I recommend you. You can also choose from the coaching programs described at the bottom of this page.

4. During the first session of the process, both the coach and you sign a coaching agreement in which the General Terms and Conditions are stated, the Privacy Statement and the choice of the route you have chosen with the corresponding price.

5. Payment is made prior to the process. You can choose whether you pay in three installments or in one payment.

6. You can also find the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement on this website.

7. The coaching conversations take place in my practice space in Haastrecht. Coaching in nature is also absolutely possible; when we walk out of the practice room we are so in the forest ...

8. Coaching normally takes place during working hours , during the week and during the day. Coaching is also possible in the evening, but there is an extra charge of € 10.00 per session (excl. VAT).

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9. Are you short on money? No problem. Payment in installments is always possible in consultation.

Which methods do I use?

I am shamanically oriented but this is absolutely not decisive and I am very broad and flexible! I work with the following methods / techniques / concepts:

- meditations
- visualisations
- breathwork
- energy work (everything that has to do with energy)
- light trance or trance journey
- Setup work
- shamanism
- Sat Nam Rasayan healing method
- Holding Space
- womb healing
- working with the subconscious, such as with symbols, dreams and stories
- creative therapy (clay, painting, expression, etc.)
- work with intuition
- cognitive behavioral therapy
- mindfulness
- singing and dancing (only when you feel safe with this)
- power animals, helpers, foremothers
- bodywork / body language
- Yin healing (as learned from Klara Adalena)
- and a very unique way of working in which I feel what is needed.

It may be that you feel directly addressed by one of these methods or concepts, sometimes you do not recognize most. You can choose methods that you like, but usually we look in the moment for what is appropriate and necessary to grow further on your path.

I am affiliated with the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Counsel, I adhere to this code of conduct during my work as a coach and the complaints procedure also goes through the NOBCO.



There are different routes with different themes. It may be that one theme specifically appeals to you to be coached on, if not; then we make it a tailor-made process and together we look at what you want and what is needed. The routes can be:

1. A single session (if you really only need one little push in a different direction so that your energy flows further)
2. A course of 4 sessions (excl. Free intake)
3. A trajectory of 9 sessions (excl. Free intake)
4. Custom Trajectory (a trajectory in consultation about frequency, theme, etc.)

Always request information about a route by e-mail, if you want to register and to make an appointment for a one-off session!
You can do this via the contact form.


1. Trajectory "Moon Time" 4 sessions

Discover what your uterus and menstrual cycle can give you as a woman. My experience is that being in tune with your cycle and making it a deeper spiritual connection is very healing for women. They feel closer to themselves, closer to nature and life itself, get strength and balance from it and come closer to their own wild nature. The uterus can absorb things; emotions, unpleasant experiences, events ... Sometimes these accumulate energetically and it is difficult to be aware of this and to let it go well. In addition, the uterus is a source of life, creativity, strength, grounding, mysticism, emotions and much more, where we can find a link to life itself when we make contact with it!

What do we do:

- Mapping your lunar time (menstruation)

- working with the energy of the different phases of your cycle

- the power of the uterus, the link to life and creation

- to see the body as a gateway to the divine feminine

What do you get:

- Better connection to your body

- Better connection to all life, in and around you

- sense of grounding and strength

- Inner knowledge and develop intuition

- More in touch with your cycle and connection with the Moon

- Better balance in your life because you know when to rest or go out, you know better to gauge and classify your energy

- 20 percent discount on my women's circles during the journey

- Online support

- Deeper connection with your own feminine power and the Goddess / the divine, and much more ...

Useful facts:

* Each session lasts an hour and a half
* The intake interview is free
* During this process you will receive homework, things to work on yourself that you will immediately benefit from in daily life.
* This trajectory works with your menstrual cycle (or if you no longer have it or not regularly or for other reasons, with the Moon cycle) so is one session per moon (d) unless you indicate otherwise.
* This equates to 4 months of one-to-one coaching.
* Price: In terms of three where you pay the first three months and pay nothing in the last month: term 1 = € 130, term 2 = € 90.00, term 3 = € 118.00)
Total: € 338.00 including VAT.
* The Privacy Statement and General Terms and Conditions also apply to this process.


1. Trajectory "the Wild Woman" 9 sessions

Here we really focus on the wild, wise woman. Your inner feminine power, your connection with the Goddess, your connection with your soul, with your creative power, with your intuition, your feelings - and much more. We do this on the basis of the cycle of the woman, the Goddess with her many different faces. This way we walk in a balanced way along all these themes of femininity ... We keep a circle in your development together and if you want to dive even deeper into the sacred feminine, you can repeat this trajectory in order to perform a spiral of inner work that brings you closer to your core.


What topics come to bone:

- who am I, where am I, descending: looking for the divine
feminine, what place does the feminine take and what place do I want it to take

- Your wild self, your wild nature, personal leadership

- energy work: learning to keep your own energy with you, protection against external influences

- Moon time and body

- Discount of 20 percent on my women's circles to share in which process you are and continue to experience

- Online support

- intuition and inner knowing, the dark goddess: magic, oracles, feeling, sexuality, anger

- Creation; express (who you are, your spirituality, your personality, your creativity, your body, your ideas)











Useful facts:

* Each session lasts an hour and a half
* The intake interview is free
* During this process you will receive homework, things to work on yourself that you will immediately benefit from in daily life.
Normally, 1 session every two weeks or every three weeks is reasonable.
* This amounts to about half a year one-to-one coaching.
* Price: In three installments, in which you pay in advance per two months:
term 1 = € 200 term 2 = € 175 term 3 = € 169.50)
Total € 544.50 including VAT.
* * The Privacy Statement and General Terms and Conditions also apply to this process.