Temple of the Lady

There is a need for feminine energy in this world because the world is organized according to patriarchal values. The balance is lost. Motherly values have faded into the background, showing emotions and vulnerability is weakness, individuality is above collectivity. You notice this not only in outward forms, such as men who hold almost all positions of power and the woman who still does not earn the same salary, but especially in the deeper layers; such as how we deal with nature, with sexuality, with the matriarchal values such as caring for, feelings, silence, satisfaction, peace, intuition, softness, accepting our dark sides and vulnerability, connectedness and intimacy. The woman has been pushed back thousands of years, not only in the field of social positions but also in the field of religion. The feminine is emerging within religion and spirituality and we want to contribute to putting the feminine back on the (European) esoteric map.
We see a common thread through all goddess cultures on Earth which is also our common thread. The feminine line. We follow these all the way to the Netherlands, in Northwest Europe, and use music, art, shamanic and other techniques that come from this region as much as possible. This distinguishes us from many other goddess initiatives; During the temple afternoons, we keep in touch with this land as much as possible and look beyond just Indo-European culture. Our soil. Under our own feet. For us, the woman is intimately connected to the country in which she lives and her energy, the woman was firm in matrilineal times, the man married into another family, the woman was the connection with the land and the ancestors and we remain loyal to this kind of ancient traditions during our temple days.

We draw our inspiration from sources from the hands of: Annine van der Meer, Marija Gimbutas, Marcia Eliade, Jacob Slavenburg, Linda Wormhoudt, Clarissa Pinkola Estes and recent research on the female religious experience through the centuries, in addition we draw inspiration from our own personal experiences, ideas and visions of the Divine Feminine.

Michelle and I will be leading these temple days and the dates of these days can be found on the home page.

The Lowland Goddess


During the Temple of the Lady we work with the Lowland Goddess. This means that we work as much as possible with elements from Dutch traditions, folk customs and her face that is known to us in the Lowlands, as we recognize Nehalennia as a Lowland goddess, for example. In addition, we sometimes expand to other countries in Europe.


Tradition is very important to us. Especially the female traditions are very dear to us and we would like to continue them. We therefore work as much as possible with Dutch (or Northwestern European) traditions that we know or feel that this was specifically the domain of women and had an esoteric meaning.

Wild Woman


During the Temple Days we take you into experiencing your feminity. We bring you into contact with the Lady (the Goddess), with your own feminine nature, your femininity and with the feminine traditions of these regions. We pay attention to the female psyche, archetypes, moon phases, seasons, life phases and the cycle of the female body.

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