"Individual Shamanism" 6 sessions

At this individual basic course you will be taught in a very personal, individual way in the world of shamanism. We learn mostly core shamanism and the European shamanic ways. You connect with your helpers, work with the Cosmic Wheel, learn to put yourself in a trance and get closer to your intuition. The connection with Source/Great Spirit and Nature as teacher (es) is the starting point in this. So you don't have to do anything with traditions or gods and goddesses if you don't want this. Just Nature is sufficient.



What can you do after this individual program?

After this course you master and know the following techniques and have the following knowledge:

- You know what the cosmic wheel is, know the segments of the wheel in the indigenous sphere and know about dutch and European rituals and traditions that fit with the celebrations of this wheel and what you can impliment in your own rituals
- You can connect with your own soul, listen to and work with it and connect with the soul of others (people, animals, plants, stones, etc.)
- You have built a relationship with one or more helpers / spirits
- You can put yourself in a trance by means of singing, drums or other methods and you know how to balance head and heart
- you know how to guard your own life force and to let it flow through yourself in connection with Mother Earth and Father Heaven
- you know what a spirit house and power objects are, what they are for and how to make them
- You know how to organize and perform a shamanic ritual
- you know how to connect with the unity of all life
- you know how to purify and protect yourself and how to create a sacred space for a ritual or healing work
- you know native gods and goddesses and know how to connect with them if you wish
- many other personal goals are discussed, because every month we also deal with your personal questions and goals



What do you get during and after participating in this program?

* a deep feeling of being rooted in this place, in this country, in the low countries, whether you were born here or not, it doesn't matter
* time for yourself and your own development every month, accustomed to your needs
* connection with your ancestors
* insight and connection with your own traditions and their contemporary applicability
* a deep connection with the earth and the animals and the plants
* a physical and energetic renewal through the cleansing techniques you learn and consciously dealing with life force and energy centers
* you can arm yourself better against negative energy and you can stay more in your center when tough times happen
* you will realize that you are never really alone
* rest and relaxation on a deeper level

* a nice certificate as proof of participation
...... and of course a lot more to come.


Take a look at the training " Shamanistic Basic Course " and "Full Moon Rituals" for more information and background.



Useful facts:

* Each session lasts one and a half up to 2 hours
* 6 sessions in total
* The intake is free
* In this trajectory you get homework, things to get started and immediately benefit you in daily life. In between, there is contact by phone or whatsapp
Normally 1 session every two weeks or every three weeks is reasonable.
* This amounts to approximately six months of one-on-one coaching.
* Price: Total € 544.50 including VAT.
In installments: In installments, in which you pay per month

* * The Privacy Statement and General Terms and Conditions also apply to this route.