Experiences with the me and what I do

"I have already participated in a few women's circles and recently I started the Matronentraining.

Mirjam is a sweet woman who knows a lot about the theory she offers. She can tell a lot but also has beautiful meditations and trance trips, accompanied by her drum. The circles and training have been put together with care and the decoration offers peace and warmth! You are really out and it gives me a nice me-time feeling!

There is a lot of space to share, but it is not an obligation! She is also available after training or a circle of women to offer support, always without judgment, but with constructive tips!

The beauty of Mirjam is that she always indicates that we are all equal and that she does not have a clear leadership role! That gives me a sense of equality and openness!

I hope to enjoy your knowledge and circles / training often! "


- Ilse B.

Mirjam het Vrouwenrad

"On pure intuition I signed up for circles, workshops and now the Matronentraining of Mirjam van het Vrouwenrad. I always say that my intuition never lets me down and this time he certainly did not. I'm glad I Get to know Mirjam She is a woman who is firmly in her shoes and knows exactly where she is spiritually You will notice her enthusiasm and knowledge when she tells about shamanism, about different goddesses and about spirituality in general. and is only growing, the same goes in my view for her enthusiasm.

Because she is so solid in her shoes, her knowledge is always ready and enthusiastic to do something, her circles, workshops and training courses are very nice to follow. You feel safe because she knows what she is doing. She knows how to let people who have never seen each other communicate and connect with each other. In short: a nice woman with nice training ;-) Definitely recommended, because you can learn a lot from her! "

- Ingrid from Paramica

"Last weekend I went to the Temple of the Lady. A wonderful experience, where you could leave everyday life behind you. In a small group we did different things to connect ourselves with our own energy, but also with that of our foremothers. By being nice and creative, we could shape this ourselves. I could share all my experiences, without fear of being judged, I was really listened to, and everything was done to help with things we ran into, or questions we had.
All in all a very educational, interesting, creative and relaxing / soothing afternoon. Delicious!

I therefore recommend that everyone, who likes to delve into themselves and the ancient (women's) culture and likes to have a good time, do something at the Women's Wheel. "

- Sam v M.

Nerthus Vrouwenrad

"I have attended several workshops of Mirjam, weaving, magic of the Low Countries and the Matrons Workshop in Hatten. I think she researches all this well, substantiates it and also expresses it well and clearly. I definitely recommend her to attend workshops and training! "

- Rinus de Ruiter

" Educational and well organized. The stories I liked to hear, especially because you notice that Mirjam has done research. It is in line with my own experience of pre-Christian European spirituality and offered an opportunity to connect with my ancestors.

Here I would definitely like to attend a workshop or lecture! "

- Charlotte A.

Vrouwencirkel Gouda

" In the meantime I have done various activities with Het Vrouwenrad. A connecting walk, a women's circle and a workshop. I keep coming back. A safe space, a fine connection and nourishing wisdom. I am delighted to see that Het Vrouwenrad activities not only spiritually fulfilling but also based on scientific knowledge. If you want to touch on old traditions, thorough research is necessary and enriching ..
It is so beautiful and special how this always comes together at Het Vrouwenrad "

- Pascalle M.

"I have already taken several lectures and courses. The last one was the Matrons. This opened a whole new door for me in a very nice way, thank you Mirjam"

- Nelleke W.