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Dates Women's Circles :

January 21, 2020
February 25, 2020
March 10, 2020
April 7, 2020 (ONLINE)
May 5, 2020 (ONLINE)
Wed June 10, 2020
July 7, 2020
August 11, 2020
September 15, 2020
October 20, 2020
November 17, 2020
December 22, 2020

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Themes of the Women's Circles 2020

January 21 "The Lady of Dark and Light"
This evening is dominated by the still dark nature, we are somewhere in the center, at a crossing of light and dark ... The days are longer but it is still cold and dark and we do not yet see greenery. It is the face of Vrouw Holle, Perchta and van Helle, who carries light and dark within her. We look inside ourselves and practice meditation techniques to relax, make us receptive and connect with soul. This way we know what is really important to focus on during the warm days.

February 25 "The first light"
The theme of this women's circle is the budding nature, the very first leaves of the coltsfoot may already come through and the days are now noticeably longer. We first wake up with bodywork, some sound, using singing for ritual work and making the first connection with each other ... Light is central in this circle evening.

March 10 "Using energy"
This evening is dedicated to the first birth of nature, the flowers slowly emerge, buds and other plants show their heads. The light has returned and we celebrate it! We look at what we want to be born in this solar year, at our own energy and how we use it for what we want, what we prioritize. That is why we make this Vision Board! A big picture with the things that you find important in life and want to give more attention to the months to come.

April 7 "Playfulness" Special! (ONLINE)
This evening the circle of women this time is about the inner child and the awakening of the life force. We will receive a special guest lesson in Women's Yoga from Michelle (from Idunna Healing and Massage) and we will have a light evening with nice conversations, connections, games and humor.

May 5 "Meeting" (ONLINE)
During this circle of women we pay attention to our body, our sense of freedom, sensuality and femininity. What exactly is femininity? And why is it important to feel like a woman? Why women together? What role does the masculine play in our lives? We make a Holy Marriage within ourselves by recognizing and perhaps uniting these two strengths within ourselves ...

June 10 "Party"
Today's women's circle has the subject of celebration, and that includes good food. Together we provide a potluck meal of light salads, snacks and pay attention to some gentle movements to sink deeper into our body and ground ourselves.

July 7 "Relaxation"
The evening is dominated by the tilting of the solstice, the days start to shorten again very slowly, but this is hardly noticeable with the heat. We are going to celebrate the abundance and sit back a bit; the solar wheel now slowly turns towards the dark half of the year, the peak is over, the fire is slowly diminishing. Time to relax after all that work ...

August 11 "first Harvest"
This is the period of the first harvest, that of the grain, turned golden yellow in the sun ... The life force is in the grain, from which we can bake loaves in the form of sun-wheels or wheels. The seed is central and we also look at a story of a vegetation deity from ancient times. We also look at the approaching winter and look back on the past months, what have we done, learned ..?

September 15 "Duality and Gratitude"
This Women's Circle is all about light / dark, of the equinox and duality. We take stock, reflect on the past months and practice gratitude in the form of meditations and ritual work.


October 20 "Ancestor Remembrance" SPECIAL
This circle of women is dominated by the ancestors, or also the ancestors. These are called the Diezen, the female members of the family. If you do not know them that is not a problem, then it is nice to get acquainted by means of a special meditation. We descend via the female line and tighten the bonds of those who preceded us. There is also room for a commemoration of all the people we have lost. Take something that reminds them of this evening, as well as a lantern.

November 17 "Letting go"
This is the last harvest festival, traditionally called Slaughter Month or also Blood Month, after the animals slaughtered for the winter. This may be far from our bedside show in our personal lives today, but still, we too must let go before anything new can unfold in our lives. Some things in our own psyche must also die or be transformed. This is sometimes accompanied by anger, frustration, sadness, pain, insecurity and fear. This evening we are opening ourselves up to this. This takes courage and vulnerability, but fortunately we are in the safety of our sisters in the circle.

December 22 "The Dark Mother" SPECIAL
The Great Mother Goddess in the form of the Dark Mother. She who is about death and about new life. The transformative Goddess, the Regenetarix, She who takes the old life and transforms it into something new, She who receives the souls, she with many names; Holle, Hella, Huldra, Berchta and we also look at the Black Madonna and its symbolism. We women are also capable of destruction, death and new life. We also transform ourselves, we transform, we take and we give, we move in and out ... Recognizing this in yourself as a woman is a special key to a greater awareness and deeper connection with Life.

Single events Agenda 2020


February 22: "Spinning Women" workshop in Antwerp with Wilde

February 29 and March 1:
"Lecture the European Wheel of Life" at Heksfest Oss. More information, check out Heksfest

Sat 29 August 2020: "Spinning Women" workshop in Langenboom, Brabant. For more information look here




Course agenda 2020

Basic course European Shamanism:
spring 2021: dates will follow

Online Matron Training:
Dag 1: woe 15 juli 2020
Dag 2: woe 22 juli 2020
Dag 3: woe 29 juli 2020
Dag 4: woe 5 aug 2020

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