Earthing session

From head to stomach

In this modern age, we often forget to take the time to unwind. We live a lot in our heads, we have to arrange things, we work less with our hands, we analyze, think hard all day, talk to people, arrange, organize, take care of the children, and much more. In short, we live in a world that focuses on reason, intellect, IQ. In addition, the other aspects - which have to do with femininity - of our life are often forgotten, such as our emotional life, our spiritual life and our body. Sometimes it goes so far that the connection between our head and our body and our heart is completely disrupted. We notice this by the following symptoms:

- feeling light-headed
- fears
- have a feeling of floating
- agitation, agitation
- tensions and stress

- muscle cramps
- back and shoulder pain
- problems with menstruation

- not taking care of yourself
- a lot of self-criticism

- intestinal complaints
- headache
- fatigue
- sleep problems
- feeling down
- lose connection with your womanhood, miss sensuality
- worrying
- uncertainties
- difficult relationship with your body
- many ideas but nothing to finish

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Our fallible thinking ...

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Our body is very intelligent, even though most people don't recognize it. The body often knows where the shoe pinches, while our head tries to deny it. Have you ever said that you are no longer angry when you feel a small fire blazing in your belly? Exactly. The body allows us to come into contact with our intuition, our emotional life and our subconscious mind. We should not neglect the connection to our body, and for women especially the abdominal and pelvic area. It can help us so much in so many areas of our lives!


A grounding session

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Earthing means 'reconnecting with your earth', what you are built from, it is restoring stability, core and harmony, connecting with all aspects of your being. A grounding session in my practice means a present to yourself. It is a time to relax and immerse yourself in a magical world that I have created for you. It is a moment when you can be completely woman, you can be yourself completely and receive well. I help you to reconnect with your body, to restore the connection between your head and heart so that you become firmly rooted and connected to Mother Earth.

I do this by:

- work with the four elements: fire, water, earth and air
- herbs, essential oils
- sensory stimulation: music, drum, soft light, delicious smells and soft touch (only with your permission)
- a facial massage (with lotion) and / or a foot massage with a massage oil
- soft, beautiful music
- precious stones
- working with the energy from the Source (the Source that is Love)
- the blessing of the Mothers (Matrons)
- working with shamanic techniques such as: cleaning the energy field, strengthening the earth, removing blockages, working with the Great Soul, sometimes I use smoke, rattle or my drum



You book a treatment in advance by filling in the contact form. I will contact you to arrange a time and date. This can be during the day or in the evening. The session always lasts an hour and always costs € 45 (excl. VAT) including snacks, drinks and any oils. My practice is located in the lovely village of Haastrecht, on the edge of the forest. You can park in the driveway.

When you enter you are immediately pampered; you get a nice cup of tea or fresh homemade lemonade with a delicious (vegan) snack. Soft light burns in the room and you can sit in the chair. You can land here and we get to know each other. You can tell your story. Who you are and how you feel. I listen to you without judgment or come up with solutions (unless you ask me to). I connect with you and am completely there for you, without my own ego interfering. I also ask you if you are okay with me touching you during the session and if there are things that are important to me to know, such as serious psychological or physical complaints or maybe you have questions for me before we start. I will prepare everything while you quietly drink your drink.

If you feel completely ready and safe, you can lie down on the treatment table (just with your clothes on) and you get a soft blanket over you so that you are warm and we put pillows or towels so that you are completely comfortable lies. During the session you do not have to do anything, you lie with your eyes closed or open and let it come over you. I tell you everything I'm going to do, so you don't have to worry about being shocked. It is also not that serious, you can also laugh! That is very relaxing. You can indicate what you like, maybe you would like a massage, maybe you notice a complaint that you want me to pay attention to by cleaning your energy field or would you like me to teach you to breathe better so relax deeply or would you like a foot massage with specific herbs. It is all up to you, you are in control and I am here to help you bring that deep rest and feel completely rooted in your body again, to reconnect you powerfully with your abdomen and pelvis, with your body, so that they can help you fully with all your daily activities and deeply connected with the Great Mother you feel strengthened again.


Afterwards you will have time to relax, you will get something nice to drink to remove any waste products and to indicate how you feel. We will talk for a while, you may also want to take some tips and exercises home with you to keep this connection strong at home, I will give you with love. Maybe you want to arrange a session for every so often, or do you have something you want to spend a coaching session on with me, for example in nature ... And, after that you are on your way home, completely afterglow and warm from the inside...

Do you need to be pampered in a way that matches your spiritual belief, your being a woman and to feel yourself well rooted in your body again so that you feel more confident about yourself, you you feel calmer, experience less fear with someone who takes your wishes, who respects your limits and makes you feel safe and accepted?
Send an email via the contact form on this website to schedule an appointment!


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